10 online dating mistakes women make

Come prepared with a Plan B and you’ll stay moving rather than wasting your time waiting for the bench to open up.Although it may save time, dodging the pre-workout warmup is a surefire way to get injured during a tough workout.With so many pieces of equipment to choose from and permanent crowding around the squat rack, it’s hard to set up a proper routine—let alone get in a good warmup and all of the other components. But no matter how busy the gym is, you shouldn’t have to stall your routine in order to wait for equipment.To get around this obstacle, always have alternative options in the back of your mind in case your preferred equipment is taken. Swap your back squats with a set of dumbbell goblet squats, which can be just as challenging and add an element of core strength.If you simply don’t have a ton of time to get in your lifting session, shorten rest periods and cut out a set of each exercise rather than ditching the warmup.Walking into the gym without a plan in mind is a bit like heading to the grocery store without a shopping list.

Leave your dedicated abdominal work till the end of your workout, and you’re likely to cut it short or do it sloppily.

Although it may seem trivial in terms of your overall routine, leaving the thirst quencher at home forces many guys to head to the water fountain in between sets. Avoid putting together a circuit that takes over the entire gym.

This bad habit not only inconveniences other gym-goers, who are forced to sit and watch as you hog equipment all over the gym, but also wastes your precious workout time.

If your goal is to build "big-rock" strength, leave the BOSU balls and other balance accessories out of the equation.

Sure, they can certainly build all-around proprioception (body awareness) and balance, helping to eliminate muscle imbalances.

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