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What I care about is whether or not my old friends who still work there are happy or not. Chris Seavor: I don't really care about what Microsoft are doing with the company. It was just doing graphics for the promotional stuff. It was definitely going to be, you could go over here and do this over here, or you could go over here and do this over here. It wasn't as narrow as something like Call Duty, where it's like, walk, cutscene, walk, cutscene. She is meant to be this assassin and it's like, oh, she looked a bit like a pantomime. Donkey Kong, then Killer Instinct, then it just absolutely exploded as a company. I did bits and bobs of work for this that and the other, and then we started doing Conker Twelve Tails, and then that all fell apart. And then Microsoft came along and said here's a load of money, we're going to do stuff now.

Chris Seavor: It would have been a straight sequel. They're the ones I have to sit and listen to in the curry house. He saw Kameo 2, a motion control game called Savannah and more fall by the wayside. After taking a year off he founded indie developer Gory Detail and in eight months built Parashoot Stan, a top down endless runner for i OS devices out next month. Here, in a wide-ranging interview with Eurogamer, Seavor recounts the glory days at Rare and discusses the many games he and others worked on that never saw the light of day. It was probably a good time to go because there were quite a lot of changes going on that certainly didn't sit that well with me. Chris Seavor: They sacked a load of artists, and I was among them. It was quite a lot in one go, for whatever reason, which I'm still not even clear about. Rare was a family business - very much so at the time. Tim and Chris (Stamper) and the whole family, you were included in that family. I had an idea with that, so I took that, went to Chris and said, what about this? There are some bits in it where I look back now and I go, oh god, I don't know how we got away with that. She had a pall, this pig, who you also used in quests. So she does things like kick them in the knackers and use traps.

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