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Our sex life was only about what he liked and wanted to do, which basically was dominating me to a point where I could never take any initiatives.He was active in couchsurfing, always having young girls over and telling me how crazy and jealous I was when I commented on this.He said that I had “episodes” and that he was still tolarant enough to be with me.I payed for everything for us even though I’m a student. If you are a peaceful person, you might find yourself constantly fighting. You feel like there is something seriously wrong with you. You might say that you aren’t comfortable staying overnight together–your partner does so anyway. He or she might get upset–especially if you try to break up with them or say that you are leaving–however, there is no underlying remorse for hurting you. He or she might say that they are sorry if they hurt you (hit you, scream at you, cheat on you…etc.) and promise that it will never happen again, but their apology is more manipulative than sincere. They might speak badly about a previous partner, claiming that their previous partner was crazy, or a bitch, or an asshole. They will make you feel like you are the one that is going crazy instead of them. You might worry about what you wear and what you say and freak out if someone changes your plans or something unexpected happens that you will have to explain later. You’re not quite sure what will set them off, but you are afraid that something you do is going to make them lose their temper… You might think that the Bears are the best football team–your partner will convince you that you are stupid for thinking so because they suck. They might talk about cheating on an old partner, or be proud of their reputation.

It was always my fault when he lost money on poker too, because I wouldn’t go travelling with him when he had won (I’m in, I can’t just take some weeks off but he didn’t understand this) or whatever.I never got to meet his family or his friends, but he had little contact with them, mostly just lending money from them.He never spoke about him self and I was not allowed to ask him questions.He cheated on me all the time and I tried to break up with him but then he would always come to my place, demanding to be let in and telling me how stupid and crazy I was and that he knew how strongly I felt for him and that I needed to be with him. But he cornered off everyone else from my life so he was all I had, no mather how bad he made me feel I thought it would be worse to be alone.And then I started to think that I was crazy, that everything was my fault.

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Or, if they do something nice for you, they feel entitled to a reward, and if you don’t do what they want, they are entitled to punish you. Your partner embarrasses you in front of other people or talks badly behind your back. They might talk to other people about how bad they have it and how hard it is to date someone like you.

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