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After her marriage ended, Penny would return to Edmonton and to drumming in 1996.

She bought a set of Ludwigs for 0 from Mother’s Music in Edmonton with all the hardware included.

Having started her musical career in her mid-adolescence, Penny has successfully made her mark by playing in various bands.

Tom Tom had the privilege to get to know a little more about Penny and her journey.

“I have country, jazz, rock, punk, and I think every record Hanoi Rock’s ever made.” The Nils and The Replacements were valued recordings, and she recalls the best place to buy music in Edmonton was Sound Connection or Red Cat Records.

We chatted on our way to famous Vancouver eatery The Tomahawk.

She worked in coffee shops, a vitamin store, and hit the beach a lot.

“But I also saw a lot of really great music then.” It was also her first real taste of touring, with her husband’s band, Big Drill Car.

Our waitress threw delayed glances at our table, perhaps wondering who the famous girl in the original Van Halen 84 tour shirt might be, that I was recording and taking notes from.

Born in 1971, Penny grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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