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— OGGS CRUZ ” is testament to their romance as they fire up the screen in this modern fairy tale.Sick of her life as a royalty, Princess Marinella (Torres) of Bavaria runs away from her handlers during her visit to Manila.It isn’t a film without its faults, but it works because of its indisputable charm and affecting energy.The film works exactly like a magical kiss, seamlessly turning a relentless and alcoholic loser (or maybe even a stalker to some) into a funny and charismatic prince, and in turn, making all of its risks pay off with both pleasures for its viewers and profits for its hardy producers.It may be a rehash of a hit Hollywood film, but Bernal’s signature humor, the joy of seeing Padilla in a different light, and the undeniable chemistry between Padilla and Velasquez make Lorna” (Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, 2014)What’s in a name?Apparently, Lorna means “forlorn, lonely, Alone.” — emphasis on the capital ‘A’ and the terminating punctuation mark, at least according to a dictionary that appears early on in the movie.What starts off as a celebrity kidnapping ends up in romance as Francine falls in love with Gimo’s down-to-earth sensibilities.

It's the story of the damsel, the prince, and the dragon, but in this case, the dragon takes on many forms: youth, old age, stardom, obscurity, death, societal conventions, and even amnesia.

On the other side of the pond, Nora Ephron, Woody Allen, Mike Nichols, and Cameron Crowe have made a living out of romantic comedies.

But most of their Filipino counterparts have subscribed to a formulaic droll that have become all too familiar come Valentine’s day — or when a studio needs to build up interest for their hottest love team.

She ends up meeting Alex, an angsty jeepney driver who just wants to make ends meet.

Not knowing the ins and outs of Manila, Marinella agrees to become Alex’s maid in exchange for home and board, but along the way the two end up falling for each other.

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