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But after a couple of drinks, they thought it would be fun to see how it felt to kiss each other.

So while there is a generation of young female celebrities trying to shock us (or garner media attention) by sending a message that girls can like girls, and then boys, and then girls again, what's really disturbing is that this trend is being emulated by many of today's teenagers.They are members of the band Girls Aloud - but, perhaps crucially, they are not the members everyone has heard of.Perhaps it was their inability to garner as much press attention as their fellow band member and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole which led them to kiss each other in front of the paparazzi when leaving a late-night party.Their upfront, relaxed relationship is cited as evidence of the new feeling of openness and acceptance.Tellingly, though, it is still contentious enough for heterosexual young stars to garner edgy publicity by being pictured kissing other women.

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