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Besides, “Aversi” tries to reestablish forgotten tradition and recruit men in the sphere of pharmacy and that’s why minimum one man is employed at every “Aversi” pharmacy.“Aversi” has maintained the supply of medicines through direct contacts.Employees receive premiums for showing excellent results during particular tests.The rate of increase in salary depends on the working experience as well.Besides this fact, employees also receive certain bonuses if their co-worker gives birth to a child.Upon the initiative of the company’s authorities, successful “Aversi” employees who contribute to the development and advancement of the company are annually awarded particular prizes and trips abroad.

The partners of “Aversi” are the leading world level pharmaceutical companies: The most important priority for “Aversi” is high-quality service.From the day of foundation the company takes care of the beneficiaries from the children shelters and elderly people, constantly supplying them with necessary medications.Large family’s assistance program was launched in 2005 and since then over 4000 families have received assistance within its frameworks.“Aversi” employees are motivated not only for professional career development, as well as the creation of family.The employee, who marries, receives certain bonus and, in case, if co-workers marry, the employees of the whole department receive bonuses.

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Since the foundation day one of the main priorities of the company has been professional growth of the pharmacists, constant improvement of service and proper customer awareness.

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