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In most cases, this means stating which book or journal article is the source of an idea or quotation.

This guide draws from the 2002, 6th edn, Wiley Australia.

If all fail, try selling the note to a specialized company which will then attempt to collect the transferred debt.

These laws define the maximum interest rate you are allowed to charge.

Enforcing a SECURED PROMISSORY/IOU NOTE can be accomplished by taking possession of the secured item, or hiring a re-possession company to do that for you.

Repayment shall be made in __________ weekly/monthly installments, consisting of $______per installment on the ____ day of each week/month and continue through for ______ week/months, or until the principal is paid in full.

OR, Borrower will pay one lump payment in lawful money of the United States on: _____/_____/_____.

Borrower agrees that until the principal and interest owed under this note are paid in full, this note will be secured by the _______________________________ (describe property, such as a car or a house.) Payments will be applied first to interest and then to principal.

This note may be prepaid by the Borrower at any time in whole or in part without premium or penalty.

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