Online sexual harassment statistics

They coexist online with violent sexist, racist commentary on Twitter, You Tube and Facebook and the sharing of gifs, images, jokes and memes depicting gross violence against women as “humor.” The “humor” can sometimes spill over into aggressive cyber mob attacks, which, as Citron explains in her book, disproportionately target women and people of color.These mobs include hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, systematically harassing their targets.This type of harassment also includes rape and death threats, such as those at the heart of an upcoming Supreme Court case.

Justice Department records reveal that 70 percent of those stalked online are women.LGBT youth experience online bullying at three times the rate of their straight peers.For girls and women, harassment is not just about “un-pleasantries.” It’s often about men asserting dominance, silencing, and frequently, scaring and punishing them.First, as Young points out, women’s harassment is more likely to be gender-based and that has specific, discriminatory harms rooted in our history.The study pointed out that the harassment targeted at men is not , as is clearly more frequently the case with women.

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