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After the Partitions of Poland, Kielce became part of the Austrian Empire.

In 1809, the city was incorporated into the Duchy of Warsaw and after 1815 into the Congress Kingdom of Poland.

The history of Kielce dates back over 900 years and the exact date when the town was founded remains unknown.

The name of the city derives from the migrating Celts, who once stopped here during their journey across the European continent.

When Mieszko woke up, he found the Silnica River whose waters helped him regain strength.

Various other legends exist to explain the name's origin.

One states that the town was named after its founder who belonged to the noble family of Kiełcz, while another claims that it stems from the Kelts who may have lived in the area in previous centuries.

During World War II, Kielce was the site of German Nazi atrocities and executions carried out on the Jewish population in the ghetto.

After the war the city saw an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community, Kielce was once an important centre of limestone mining and the vicinity is famous for its natural resources like copper, lead and iron, which, over the centuries, were exploited on a large scale.

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He also discovered huge white tusks of an unknown animal.

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