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In that way, Salafi jihadism operates like any totalitarianism that came before it, any system that is enveloping, militaristic, autocratic.

In that sense, Salafi jihadism in this moment is offering Muslims certainty in a time of uncertainty.

All of that gives you confidence and motivation if you’re a young man or woman who is inclined towards these ideas.

Another aspect is of course that it’s part of a broader issue going on in our society which is not limited to Muslims.

What has been the ideological trajectory and the manipulation and the shaping of those religious ideas that distinguishes and differentiates it from more normative understandings of those same ideas? It is a dramatic ideology that has given itself expression through force.

That, in some respects, has given it the impression of being successful.

We learn here that the diffusion of this doctrine after 1926 was much more the work of ʿulamāʾ from other parts of the Muslim World who had already acquired this doctrine and spread it in their countries by teaching and publishing books related to it.

In addition Chanfi Ahmed demonstrates that concerning Islamic reform and mission (daʿwa), Africans are not just consumers, but also thinkers and designers.

This is against the widespread idea of considering the spread of the Salafῑ-Wahhābῑ doctrine as being the work of ʿulamāʾ from Najd (Central Arabia) only.There’s been a lot of talk about post-truth politics recently: we don’t care about facts when it comes to Brexit, we don’t care that Trump is a pathological liar.That’s a broader crisis with our society, of modern liberalism.In his new book, "Salafi Jihadism: the History of an Idea", Shiraz Maher charts the intellectual underpinnings of this pragmatic but resilient warrior doctrine.His book examines the ideas that underpin one of the most destructive political philosophies for our time.

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It’s offering a sense of corrective analysis at a time when things seem ambiguous.

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  1. They remain in womens spaces while claiming "male identity" because lesbians are the only group (through intimidation) to tolerate their presence, most are much too afraid to actually "live" as real men.