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So let's join Johan Gabrielsson now as he flicks the mirror between two very different national experiences. Johan Gabrielsson: How was the relationship between you two?Here's 'Bullets for Condoms: Sex Education in Australia', through Swedish eyes. Today's lesson is about sex.[hoots, laughter]Teacher: Now, you all know about sex, but do you know , the Swedish Association for Sexual Education. John Lamond: She was very frank and very matter-of-fact really.

One way that Ettie helped the authorities to deal with it was by acknowledging that it was a problem.Ettie Rout: [reading] At present social conditions attempting to abolish prostitution by shutting up tolerated houses is just as idle as attempting to lower the temperature of a room by smashing a thermometer.Johan Gabrielsson: Historian Lisa Featherstone from the University of Newcastle is writing a book about the history of sex education in Australia.It's a funny thing, there seems to be more sex on display, and yet sex in Sweden isn't so sexy, it's more..guys in Sweden aren't so...they're not so desperate, 'phwoar, look at that', they're kind of 'yeah, yeah, you know', it's more matter-of-fact, it's more ordinary and average, and there's a good thing about that and there's also kind of a bad part about that.So when I had Swedish relatives I'd go in their sauna, and my girlfriend's mum and her husband and my brother-in-law and his wife, everyone would just go in there naked and sit around, and that's perfectly natural and a great thing.

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Lisa Featherstone: So the Australian government and the army are quite proactive for the time in introducing sex education, and that follows on into the '20s and '30s.

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